With love, Storm

Photo credit: Meryl D’Sa

I am not afraid to show you exactly who I am.
I am not that thief who breaks into your home silently. Cowardly.
Stealing from you while you were still asleep in your world undisturbed.


I will arrive on the Chariot of Darkness–
Drawn by faceless mighty beasts,
Their wings a fierce slate grey
The kinds that creep within your bones
And knock them off their hinges.

I will pound at your door!
Fists of cold fury. Roaring. Thundering.
I am going to bring your house down. Mark my words.
Dust, rubble, stones—that’s what the ordinary will be reduced to.

And as you sit windswept in that wreckage,
I will demand these answers from you:
How dare you walk through life without questioning
Everything you see in front of you?
How dare you let your worth
crumble into sand at your feet?
How dare you let the rivers of salt
Trickling from your eyes
Last long enough to fill an entire ocean?

How dare you not live?

I will come without a trace of fear.
Can you survive me?
Blue skies and sunshine will follow me
Can you outlive me?





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